Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fancy Nancy Theme

Luv Bug is 60 months old

We had such a fun week! Luv Bug adores the Fancy Nancy books. I'd been wanting to do a Fancy Nancy theme for awhile, then I came across an ad for Fancy Nancy the Musical an hour away. We bought the tickets months ago and I decided to wait until the week of the show to do the theme. We told Luv Bug that we were taking her to a surprise and that she needed to dress up as fancy as she could. She chose her own outfit.

When we arrived, there was a sign advertising the event so we decided to tell her just before we walked in. She would NOT let us tell her and she would not look at the sign. She was happily surprised when she realized what we were going to see. We all enjoyed the show, especially Luv Bug. She couldn't take her eyes off the stage. There was a table set up with Fancy Nancy books and other souvenirs. She chose the book that the play was based on. They announced that after the musical, the cast would be in the lobby for a meet and greet. Luv Bug was able to meet the cast and have her book signed!

(Luv Bug with nanny and Bree)

The next night, she wanted us all to dress up with her and have a tea party. We had leftover decorations from a tea party she had a couple years ago, so we surprised her again with a 'fancy' dinner party.

Luv Bug wrote out place cards for us.
She also chose outfits for all of us, but I promised Daddy I wouldn't share those pictures.

We read all of her Fancy Nancy books this week and did several fun activities. I tried to make things look as fancy as I could.
I found the idea for these magnetic pom poms over at one of my favorite blogs in this post. We've had these awhile now and since Luv Bug hadn't played with them recently, she was happy to see them.

She sat and read her Fancy Nancy books several times this week.

 I've had these sparkly letters for awhile and thought they'd fit perfectly into our fancy theme. I pulled out one of each letter and asked her to put them in order. Then we gave each other words to spell out.

 We decided to try to make fuchsia playdough (and I learned how to spell fuchsia). We weren't sure of the exact shade and it came out a little more pink than I wanted, but she loved playing with it. I added some gems and beads and feathers. She played for a LONG time.

 We mixed several shades of pink and purple paint on a palette and Luv Bug painted with them on her easel.
 I pulled out an assortment of heart and butterfly erasers and added a few tools for her .

 We had this pretty fish gravel sitting around from an old sensory bin. We added her magnet set and she enjoyed playing with it so much. She added the erasers and we've decided to keep this bin out for awhile.

 Making jewelry.

She made me this necklace.

 Harper Collins publishing has a kids site with activities to many books. It has several Fancy Nancy activities. Follow the link and scroll down until you see the Fancy Nancy activities. We only did a few, but when we begin Kindergarten, I plan on using more of them.

 I bought this sticker book for Luv Bug and added it to one of her workboxes. She did most of it in one sitting. Stickers are always a hit with her.

 Luv Bug loves puzzles and does very well with them. I bought this 100 piece puzzle awhile back. She can usually do these with minimal help. (she likes me to sort the end pieces and middle pieces with her)

 This puzzle, we both struggled with. The picture on the box only shows about half the puzzle. (There is a tiny picture of the whole puzzle on the side though).  Many end pieces looked similar and the pieces were a bit stiff and hard to fit together. Still, she loved it and it is a cute puzzle when put together. I think it would be better suited for slightly older children.

We played beauty spa and did each others hair, nails and make -up. Messy, but we had so much fun!

For the last day, I set up a Fashion Boutique. We'd done this before and Luv Bug requests it occasionally. Being the youngest in our congregation with 11 boys between Luv Bug and the next youngest set of girls(teenagers now), Luv Bug had been gifted several of their old dress up toys and baby dolls. She has quite a little collection now. Recently 2 little girls moved to the area so she's no longer the only little girl and has friends to dress up with!

We both had so much fun this week. Luv Bug helped set up a lot this week and I think that she really enjoyed it more because of it. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catching Up

Luv Bug is (gulp) 5 years (60 months) old

Well, I intended on getting on to post more, but life happened. We've had some sicknesses and then my Grandpa passed away. My Grandma's not really doing too well either, so we've just been busy.
I decided just to post pictures from the last few weeks, to catch up. We had several fun themes: Winter, The Mitten, Penguins, 100/100th day....
Some of the ideas were mine (not many), but most are found on my Pinterest Winter or 100th day boards. If you have any further questions about anything we've done, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer once things settle down.